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2-Channel Crossover Cable Cover Ramps

The Penn Elcom® 2-channel crossover cable cover ramp is far more than just a cable protector. Forged from high quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), it has unrivalled strength, abrasion resistance and a new fire-retardant technology. An ingenious new design makes a huge variety of crossover combinations possible, whatever your cable management needs. The two elements that create this system are the base section and the ramp section. The base acts as the primary modular section from which many combinations of crossover patterns can be created. The ramp section fits to the base and has a 15° angle of inclination, calculated as optimal for prevention of shifting and dislodging. Each piece connects to form a staggered pattern like a brick wall, distributing force evenly and giving unrivalled strength. This cable protector has an anti-slip surface for both pedestrian and vehicular support.

  • Highly tear-proof and high form stability
  • Indented channel ridges to prevent the lid bowing under pressure.
  • Resistant to most oils, fats and chemicals
  • Fire retardant (DIN EN 13501-1)
  • Can withstand 5 tons of direct pressure
  • Fixed lid in drive over position
  • Quick and easy assembly
Base SectionRamp Section
Weight26.46 lbs.11.02 lbs.
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