Cable Management

5-Channel Cable Cover ADA Ramps

Yellow Jacket AMS ADA Ramp System

The 5-Channel Yellow Jacket® AMS® (Advanced Modular System) accessibility ramp features a gradual slope and slip-resistant surface to ensure a safe crossing point over cable protectors for carts, forklifts, vehicles with small wheels and heavy trucks. This equipment comes with two yellow ramps and one AMS center section.

Guard Dog ADA Ramp System

Made of all-weather polyurethane and featuring a patented 5-bar tread surface, the Guard Dog 5-channel ADA cable protectors are equipped with built-in accessibility ramps. This allows them to provide safe passage for both vehicle and foot traffic without the need for separate connectors. Featuring a modular, interlocking design available in lightweight 18” sections, this protector is ideal for virtually any use and protects cables and hoses with an outside diameter of up to 1.325”. A reinforced hinged lid allows for easy cable placement, while a recessed carrying handle on the protector’s underside makes transportation easy. This equipment is available with an orange lid and black base.


Yellow Jacket®Guard Dog®
Weight67.5 lbs.10 lbs.
Load Capacity Per Axle32,600 lbs.21,000 lbs.
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