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Box Truss 12×12

The 12×12 inch box truss is the world standard in box truss for many show applications, used for decorative scenery, LED screens, grids, lighting, cable runs, signage, sporting, and more. The 12×12 inch box truss is the staple of many shows and works similarly like Lego blocks, configured to your imaginative stage and production designs. The 12×12 inch box truss comes in many lengths.*

  • 12″H x 12”W (1′ 2′ 3′ 4′ 5′ 6′ 8′ and 10′) long box truss bolt connection. Generic fit to most standards.
  • TUV – SGS certified. Load tested + inspected.
  • Compatible with all other 12″ truss lengths curves angled corners base mounts hinges and corner blocks.
  • Box shape four round tubes OD of 2″ with a wall of .125″ diagonal 1” .125 wall.
  • Weight: 14-62 lbs.
  • Black aluminum

* ESG recommends engaging the services of a licensed engineering professional to analyze complex loading configurations and/or conditions.

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