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Folding / Trestle Tables

These folding tables are manufactured from the highest quality birch plywood specifically selected for the strength, non-warping characteristics, and long-term durability. The plywood is glued with waterproof exterior grade glue making the tables an excellent choice for outdoor use for any festival or special event. A high-grade polyurethane coating is applied to the top and bottom of the table to protect and enhance appearance. Edges are finished with premium rubber bullnose edge for additional protection. The folding legs are made from a high-grade steel and bolted through the tabletop with a flat head carriage bolt and nylon locking nut, ensuring no loose parts. Full length wood runners are bolted through the table to further enhance their strength. The bolts are tightened with a nylon locking nut ensuring they will never come loose.

Available Sizes
  • 30” x 96”
  • 30” x 72”
  • 18” x 72”
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