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The XL is 14 feet across and features a 6 foot wide door and 5 V doors with connectors, allowing for a tunnel connection to five other XLs or five SHIFTPOD2s.  Need a five bedroom house that you can set up in 20 minutes and/or more accessibility for disabled guests?  The XL is the hub unit for the center.  Add 5 more XLs or SHIFTPOD2s and 5 tunnels for the complete set (measuring 6’2″ at the shoulder and 7’ in the center) 

The bay door and safari style inner door curtains with bug screens expand options for socializing and relaxing on the “patio”. 

At 106 lbs., this is not a back-pack tent however this is a wonderful shelter option that supports multiple day campouts, longer deployments, and/or family camping.  Use the SHIFTPOD XL for the ultimate glamping experience.

The floor zips out for cleaning and can be replaced if damaged.  Each POD also includes a solar blast shield, two AC and heater ports, three power cord ports, and three vents with filter pocket.

Optional companion A/C units also available.

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