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5-Channel Cable Cover Ramps

The CABLEGUARD® Red Line 5 cable cover ramp offers a max. load capacity of 9.1 tons – an extra robust premium cable protector for professional use. It has 5 cable channels protecting cables and wires against breaking and abrasion. The black cable protector and its red lid have an anti-slip surface for both pedestrian and…

5-Channel Cable Cover ADA Ramps

The 5-Channel Yellow Jacket® AMS® (Advanced Modular System) accessibility ramp features a gradual slope and slip-resistant surface to ensure a safe crossing point over cable protectors for carts, forklifts, vehicles with small wheels and heavy trucks.

2-Channel Crossover Cable Cover Ramps

The Penn Elcom® 2-channel crossover cable cover ramp is far more than just a cable protector. Forged from high quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), it has unrivalled strength, abrasion resistance and a new fire-retardant technology. An ingenious new design makes a huge variety of crossover combinations possible, whatever your cable management needs. The two elements that…