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Shade Structures

ESG offers an extensive range of shade structures for live events. These structures can cover entire food and bar areas and terraces to protect against rain and/or sun. The shelters can be placed on grass, sand, pavement and concrete. ESG offers a variety of types and colors.

Curved Structure 15x15m

Let ESG’s custom-designed curved structure from Eventstar transform your space into a unique experience.  This aluminum framed “arched” tent structure measures 15x15x4 meters (49’x49’x12’) and comes equipped with 4M glass wall panels and aluminum track hardware.  Featuring a double door system, black vinyl roof panels, black vinyl gable ends and 4M black vinyl wall panels,…


Purposefully built to provide a rapidly deployable and highly mobile and multi-purpose temporary shelter solution, the RESPONSEPOD has been designed with all-inclusive features to meet the specific mission sets of medical, fire, law enforcement personnel and relief agencies alike. Due to its geometric design the RESPONDSPODs can stand up to sustained winds of more than 50…


Constructed with weather-resistant, multilayered, ultra-reflective fabric to help protect against the elements, each shift pod measures 12.5′ x 12.5′ x 6’10”. This advanced shelter system has been a staple for campers and festival goers all over the world. Sleeps four (4) comfortably (bedding not included).


The XL is 14 feet across and features a 6 foot wide door and 5 V doors with connectors, allowing for a tunnel connection to five other XLs or five SHIFTPOD2s.  Need a five bedroom house that you can set up in 20 minutes and/or more accessibility for disabled guests?  The XL is the hub unit for…